Have Questions about the NterNow Lead Capture System?

We’re here to help!

How do I access the NterNow database?

The NterNow database is located at www.NterNow.us

Go to the database to find additional details from the prospect’s visit. In the database you can also set follow-up reminders, generate reports and store sales notes.


What’s my login and password?

Your login is your first.last name in lower case letters.  For instance, the login for George Washington is george.washington.  Your password is assigned to you in your Welcome Letter. Email Debbie@NterNow.com if you’ve forgotten yours or use the Reset Password button.


What hours does NterNow operate?

From 8 AM EST to dusk daily including holidays.  Yes, buyers visit properties on holidays!


Is a home with NterNow secure?

  • All visitors are screened and their identity is verified before given access to your property
  • The one-time-use code cannot be used again for access
  • Since this is a keyless system, there’s no worry over a visitor or ex-contractor making or taking the key

As with any lockbox system, it is good practice to check your homes frequently to be sure all doors remain secured.


What if an NterNow-enabled home sells?

Prior to the contract closing date, simply remove the NterNow lock and reinstall it on another vacant property.  It’s easy, here’s how.


What is needed to uninstall a lock?

The small screwdriver from your installation pack is needed to remove the back cover of the lock.  Place the pieces of the lock into the related NterNow cardboard box and reinstall the regular front door lock.  You also may need a larger Phillips screwdriver to do the reinstallation.


In moving the NterNow lock from one home to another, do I need a new door sign?

The small orange stickers provided in your installation packet cover the old Property ID # on the door sign sticker.  Use the permanent marker from the installation pack to write onto the sticker the new Property ID # provided by the call center. Contact us if you need additional small or full sign stickers.


Do I need to use an agent lock box on the door as well as NterNow?

There’s no need for an agent lockbox. Agents and buyers can both gain access using NterNow. NterNow tracks all visitor activity, prospects and agents, and sends it instantly to your cellphone and/or computer.  You can catch the prospect when they are in the home!


Can workpeople or inspectors use NterNow to gain access?

Yes. NterNow provides and tracks the access given to workers and inspectors.  Alternatively, we provide a key with each lock to be used/copied at your discretion.


What if the lock fails to open?

Call Center representatives will alert you to any lock issues and can support you in troubleshooting the lock, including clearing the system, walking you thru replacing the batteries, etc. If the lock continues to fail, a new one will be mailed to you, and the shipping packaging can be reused to return the faulty lock.


What if I run out of vacant inventory and want to return the lock?

Simply return the lock, signs and key to us using secure packaging (no peanuts please!)


Can I put an NterNow lock on our sales model?

Installing a NterNow lock on a decorated or a home being used as an office is possible only if a special agreement is signed.  Call Lynne at 678-910-1811 to inquire.


What if it’s dark out when a buyer or agent wants to enter the home?

Since many of our locks are on homes without electricity, the Call Center does not allow access to properties after dusk. Given the time of year and the weather, dusk can vary greatly. We encourage late visitors to return the next day during daylight hours. Exceptions can be made for buyer’s agents to show after dusk if the listing agent makes arrangements with the Call Center in advance.


How many onsite salespeople can receive texted and/or emailed Visitor Alerts?

The Program Manager and up to three sales reps can receive the alerts.


What do the letters and/or numbers mean that are after the Visitor’s last name on the Alert texts/emails?

Visitor Type

  • V: Visitor
  • AG: Agent
  • TC: Trade Contractor
  • CL: Client/ Your Firm

Visitor Status

  • Accessed: Visitor Accessed the Property
  • NA–V: No Access – Visitor ID Verification not successful
  • NA–T: No Access – Time, After Hours, Restricted
  • NA–L: No Access – Lock Issue
  • NA–I: No Access – Information Only
  • NC: Accessed property – But Visitor Requested No Contact
  • 2nd: Visited Property 2nd Time
  • 3rd: Visited Property 3rd Time

Who installs NterNow? Who fixes any lock issues?

Anyone with a tiny screw driver!  NterNow locks have been installed by agents, builders, marketing staffers, construction supervisors and even handymen.  With the installation instructions to guide you with pictures and text, anyone can install an NterNow lock.  The Call Center is there to support installations and troubleshoot issues –call them for guidance.  Installations are done only on weekdays.


I see there’s an NterNow app being launched. Can visitors still call in? What if they get stuck and call me?

Yes, our exciting new app is being launched this summer. Visitors will have the choice of calling the call center or downloading and using the app to gain access.  To provide the visitor a seamless app experience, each page of the app has a Help button which immediately connects them to a live person in the call center who can help them with the app or provide the code for access.


What can I do to follow-up with the prospects to turn them into our buyer clients?

First, the Texting feature under the Properties Tab allows you to send a short text (<140 characters) to every visitor after/during their home tour.  Here are some suggested texts:

  • Thanks for touring our Charleston Model. The Standard Model is around the corner on Smith St – be sure to tour that one too!
  • This is our Special Bonus weekend! Text me for details of our appliance bonus —  555-555-1212
  • If you have any questions, call me at 555-555-1212

Second, at the 2016 International Builders Show, experts were advocating a 6-month nurturing process for online and drive-by leads. Click here for an outline of the first 30 days.   And don’t give up!


How do I change the batteries in the NterNow lock?

  • Be prepared! Carry a small Phillips head screwdriver (we provide one in the NterNow Pack), the key to the lock, a black sharpie, 4 fresh AA copper top batteries and your cell phone.
  • Remove the outside of the battery compartment with the small screwdriver and insert new batteries.
  • Use only AA copper top batteries, purchased from a store that turns over their supply often. No-name batteries from a convenience store will fail quickly.
  • Last step, call the Call Center and resync the lock –  every time the batteries are changed or when the lock is moved to a new house.



Why don’t the batteries last longer?

We wish batteries would last forever! Here are some best practices to ensure batteries last long and visitors are not disappointed when the lock fails to operate:

  • Always use copper top batteries – Consumer Reports agrees with us that they last the longest. The average installation with copper tops lasts 4-6 months or 60 opens. In a perfect environment, like on our test bench, we’ve had batteries work for 1600 opens. We ran out of energy before they did!
  • Always buy your AA batteries from a store that sells a lot of batteries so they are fresh. Convenience and grocery store batteries are seldom fresh.
  • We advocate proactively change your batteries at the time change in spring and fall. The lock will tell you with a trill upwards and then downwards that the batteries are running low.
  • Avoid propping open the door for hours– this runs down the batteries. The lock is constantly trying to re-secure the home.
  • If the lock’s knob is hard to turn or make a grinding noise, it runs out of batteries quickly, it’s may be a poor installation where the parts are not meshing correctly — Try taking the lock off the door and reinstall it. Hanging a heavy key-lockbox from the NterNow knob will cause this to happen over time.