Need a Better Way to Find Quality Tenants?

Take Control with NterNow!

Work Smarter

A prospect wants to tour a rental across town.  But you or your rep is tied up miles away. With NterNow, prospects enjoy on-demand access to tour your properties at their convenience.

Quality Tenants Come From Having Choice

Our Instant Access service collects so many leads that you can pick and choose the right tenant for your property.  Never settle – use NterNow and be in the driver’s seat.  In addition, because NterNow is keyless, you do not have to worry about a visitor stealing a key and all that can come with it—

  • Tenants moving in early
  • Vandalizing or stealing fixtures
  • Squatters

Our keyless system keeps the property safer!

How It Works

  1. Install our patented 12-button locks on the front door of your renter homes and call to sync them
  2. Place the NterNow signage close to the street
  3. Drive-by prospects call or download our app to start
  4. They provide verifiable identity info and the property ID of the home they are standing at
  5. They punch the unlocking code into the lock and turn the knob. They’re in!

More Facts:

  • Each lock is shipped with 4 signs:
    • A large lawn sign urging drive-bys “Why Wait? Tour Now!”
    • A front door sign with instructions on how to gain access
    • A sign to place on the inside of the door reminding visitors to close the door securely when they leave
  • A small sticker to cover any unfinished spot on the door left when removing the thumb latch
  • Prospects can gain access from 7 a.m. EST and dusk 365 days a year. Yes, people shop for homes on holidays.  Prospects who try to gain access other times are asked to return during daylight hours.
  • Prospects whose identity cannot be verified are encouraged to set an appointment to meet with your rep
  • Prospect information is immediately sent via text and/or email to your rep at the completion of the call. We go beyond name and number whenever possible to find out if the prospect is shopping alone or with family, already has an agent, how they found your property, and what features the prospect is looking for in a new home.

Why NterNow?

  • Prospective tenants gain the flexibility and touring freedom they want
  • Reps enjoy improved personal security, increased productivity and greater earnings!
  • Your owners get faster results. Homes can be leased in only two visits!
  • Your organization can handle more properties without adding staff